Sport Fishing in Niigata City and Japan
The purpose of this site is to introduce sport fishing in Niigata City and Japan.
a banner of Sports Fishing in Niigata City and Japan
Masu Salmon Fishing
the Agano River
Carp fishing in Central Niigata.
Central Niigata
Seabass fishing in Niigata West Port
Niigata West Port
Masu Salmon

1. Sport Fishing in Japan
Introduction, Fishing License, Ticket, Regulations, and others
2. About Fishes in Niigata
Introduction, Seabass, Yellowtail, Spanish mackerel, Squid, Japanese char, Yamame trout, Masu salmon, and others
3. Fishing Spots in Niigata
Introduction, Niigata West Port, Niigata East Port, Niigata East port, Seabass in the Agano River
4. Fishing reports
Fishing reports in 2003 Fishing reports in 2002 Fishing reports in 2001
5. Other contents about Fishing in Niigata
Trash fish in fishing in Niigata Trouts in the Agano River
6. Others
Where is Niigata?
Photo Gallery from Visitors
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