Sports Fishing in Niigata City and Japan

Wild Animals in Japanese Forests

Ms.Mito posted two nice pictures of wild animals in Japanese forests.

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A Japanese monkey in Akadani
Pic.1 Saru
A Japanese antelope in the Ura-Bandai mountains
Pic.2 Kamoshika

Pic.1 Saru, Japanese Monkey

This is a Japanese Monkey in Akadani in Niigata prefecture. Saru is a Japanese name of it. We have much snow in Niigata. Probably there are no other monkeys on the earth those inhabit in such snowy places.

I took a picture of Japanese Monkeys,too. I show in Interesting Pictures". It is difficult to find monkeys in my picture. But you will see a Japanese monkey clearly in her picture.

Japanese monkeys are friends of anglers and other outdoor sortsmen in Japan. I feel sad that many monkeys are killed in every year in Japan.

Pic.2 Kamoshika, Japanese antelope

She took a picture of Kamoshika in the Ura-Bandai mountains in Fukushima prefecture.This prefecture is adjacent to Niigata prefecture, and has a lot of natures. She went there in last spring and found some Kamoshika.

Old days, Many Kamoshika had been caughted and were decreasing. Now hunting is prohibited and Kamoshika has been increasing. We sometimes see them in fishing and hiking. But it is difficult to take pictures of them. Because we can not go near to them at all. But she successfully took this nice picture.