Sports Fishing in Niigata City and Japan

Masu Salmon Fishing in Vladivostok

Masu Salmon is one of salmon living in the Japanese Sea, and is popular game fish in Japan. But it is difficult to get it in Japan, as the number of Masu Salmon is small and a lot of anglers are attempting to fish it.

Val in Vladivostok, Russia went Masu Salmon Fishing on May 31, 2002. He got eighteen Masu Salmon and sent me couple of nice pictures.

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Eighteen Masu Salmon on the grass
Val and Masu Salmon

Val told me about Masu Salmon fishing with e-mail as below.

At that day we got 18 Sakura Mazu within 4 hours of trolling with two fishing rods. We used flashers and dodgers to attract salmon. As a lure we used silicone squid blue and green colores. Trolling speed was 3-3.5 knots. We have 16 oz. cannon ball lead weights with 20-40 meters of line out. Depths in trolling area were between 15-35 meters. This method is very productive around Vladivostok, especially in June. Average catch is 3-10 Sakura Mazu per one hour. Time from 5 to 9 pm is the best.

I think Vladivostok in Russia is a paradise for Masu Salmon fishing.
Thank you, Val. Good fishing to you.