Sports Fishing in Niigata City and Japan

"GEDO":Trash fish in fishing in Niigata

What is "Gedo"?

If you go fishing to get some fish like trouts but get other fish, how do you call them in English? Though I search with an English dictionary, I can not find. We call them "Gedo" in Japanese.

"Gedo" is not good word. If a Japanese will offer someone an insult, he sometimes say "You are a "Gedo"". But I love "Gedo". I can not always get trouts, and in that case "Gedo" may always comfort me. So I introduce my good friends in the Agano River.

"Gedo" means trash fish.

Mark told me in email that "Gedo" is trash fish in English. Thank you, Mark.

Picteurs of trash fish I fished.

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Please look at pictures above. These are my lovely trash fish. I got them in spring or early summer in the Agano. I often go to the Agano to fish some of trouts, but I sometimes get no trout but trash fish. And trash fish kindly comfort me.

We call the fish in pic.1 Haya. It is silver, brightening and beautiful. They do not taste nice at all and everyone releases them if he get. In spawning in spring, the color of them are changing like shown in pic.2,3 and 4. They grow big in the Agano and attack lures. Some of them go down to the sea like salmons and they are called Maruta.


Two fishes in pic.5 and 6 are Nigoi. I see some fishes like Nigoi in fishing reports of USA. They inhabit in the north America and are called Sucker. Probably Nigoi and Sucker are the same fishes, I think.

Perhaps you have your trash fish in your rivers. Please tell me about them.