Sports Fishing in Niigata City and Japan

KUROKAWAMASU; Large Mouth Bass, Microplerus salmoides

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Bass in Japan comes from America.

The original habitat of this fish is the North America, too. Differing from rainbow trouts, basses have been widely natural-spawning in Japan. A lot of young anglers enjoy bass fishing with lures. But there are some problems in bass fishing here in Japan.

Are basses ecological destroyer ?

Some people insist that basses will destroy the native ecological environment of Japan. This view may be reasonable, for basses are from another world, naturally they are not here. And basses are the most strong fishes in still water in Japan. Basses may eat every small fishes and insects in lakes and ponds.

But there is no scientific study concerning the affair. People with vested rights of rivers and lakes may substitute political problems to environmental problems. And basses may be the scapegoat for decrease of native fishes ( I think there are other reasons of the decrease of native fishes ).

Young anglers are fond of bass fishing. I think it is very important that the youth go out and enjoy outdoors. I wish objective investigation will be studied quickly.

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