Sports Fishing in Niigata City and Japan

BURI; Yellowtail, Seriola quinqueradiata

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My son and I enjoyed yellowtail fishing in a autumn day.
photo 1
I got many yellowtails.
photo 2

Biology of BURI (Yellowtail)

BURI (Yellowtail) is common in the Japan Sea. Adults are called "Buri"; the weight is from 5Kg to 20Kg. Such big BURI (Yellowtail) go around in the offing and don't close to the shores. Our targets are young one. BURI (Yellowtail) also changes its name as growing ; "Shionoko" ( in the left picture ) and then "Inada" ( in the right picuture, from 35 to 55cm in length ) , and then "Warasa" ( from 55 to 75cm in length ) and then "Buri".

In the Japan Sea, BURI (Yellowtail) go north in summer and go south in winter. On their way, Inada come to Niigata coast in spring and autumn.

Look at pictures above. Here is my son, Tomoyuki in photo 1. He looks slightly tired, for we got up very early in that morning. I hold small Shionoko. Please notice an orange colored "Japanese Rabbit" in photo 2. I'll tell you about it later.

Lures for BURI (Yellowtail) fishing

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photo 3

photo 4

photo 5

BURI (Yellowtail) eat small fishes. I fish them with lures. I show you my favorite lures ( above ). Two lures in photo 5 are metal jigs, as you know. Others are Japanese lures. Four in photo 3 are called "Yumizuno". Other two with feathers in photo 4 are called "Kagura". I cast them with a "Japanese Rabbit", which is in photo 2 with Inada ( as described above ). A rabbit is about 80gr in weight. I knot it to a fishing line. A leader ( 2m in length ) is knoted to another side of it.

A Yumizuno or a Kagura is knoted to the leader. I cast them with a long rod ( 5.3m in length ). When I retrieve this, the Rabbit is floating and sprashing on the surface. And then a Yumizuno or a Kagura swims following the Rabbit. It is atractive for fish-eater fishes, and they chase and bite at it. I can see it directly with my eyes. It is very exciting to cast forward boiling Inada and catching them one by one. Inada fishing on the breakwaters in autumn is one of my most favorite fishing.

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