Sports Fishing in Niigata City and Japan

AORI-IKA ; Squid

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A squid and a Egi
Photo 1
A squid and a Egi
Photo 2
three Egis
Photo 3

Squid fishing in Japan

We Japanese like squid dishes and also like squid fishing. Do you enjoy squid fishing?


Fishing seasons

In Niigata City, we enjoy squid fishing in summer and autumn.

Squids are born in spring. Those grow rapidly and become 20 cm in summer. (Photo 1,2) In winter the length of the largest squid is almost 40 cm. But The winter in Niigata is cold and squids go south in this season.

Adult squids spawn in spring and then die.

Fishing spots

You can enjoy squid fishing evrywhere in Niigata coast. Squids like rocky shores and bay areas. So the best spots are Niigata East and West Ports.


Squids eat lobsters and small fishes. Look at Photo 3. Those three lures are called Egi. Egi means "Wooden Lure". Those are make of wood, covered with cloths and imitating lobsters. The length of those are almost 10 cm.

There are several sharp hooks in the tail of a Egi. A squid will be hooked with those.

Other tackles are below.


For squids are nocturnal, we enjoy squid fishing in evening, night and early morning. But sometimes we can get squids in the daytime.

Cast a Egi into the sea and sink it. Jark and retrieve slowly. Then a squid will hold a Egi with its hands. If the surface of the Egi is smooth and hard, a squid will let go a Egi soon. So Egis are covered with cloths. Squids like those rough sense of touch.

When a squid holds a Egi, you will feel that your rod becomes heavy. Then retrive slowly. A squid is soft. If you retrive fast, the skin of the squid will be cut.

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