Sports Fishing in Niigata City and Japan

MASU ; Masu Salmon, Oncorhynchus massou masou

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Masu is one of salmon.

I have already described Masu in Yamame's page. They are one of Salmons. There are Dog Salmons and Pink Salmons in my country. King and silver Salmons are not here in Japan. In addition, Salmon fishing in rivers is prohibited. A few fishermen catch them as vested rights. So Masu fishing is precious for us.

My games

Masu come back to the rivers between March and July. Because the number of them is not so large and they do not eat any food in the river, it is difficult to fish them. But many anglers try to fish them with lures.I show you some of my games. I can not get them very often, but rarely I can get two or three Masu in one hour! There are a Masu and a modori-Yamame in photo 5. You can compare a Masu and a Modori-Yamame clearly.

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