Sports Fishing in Niigata City and Japan

SAWARA ; Spanish Mackerel, Scomberomorus niphonius

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Global warming and Sawara

Spanish Mackerels originally inhabit in the warmer sea. They were not in the Niigata coast. They have been here since tree years. I do not know why they come to Niigata. But it may be due to the effects of global warming.


Fishing seasons

Spring ( March and April ) and autumn ( October and November ) are the best seasons to fish.

Fishing spots

Niigata East Port is the best place. We can get Spanish mackerels even in winter there.


Spanish Mackerels eat small fishes. So we fish them with lure tackles.


You should get up early and arrive the fishing spot before sunrise. Spanish mackerels come near the breakwaters in the night and eat fishes. They will go away in the daytime. So you should start fishing before sunsize. Cast and retrieve jigs. Spanish mackerels will bite at them soon.


The teeth of Spanish mackerels are very sharp. Take off hooks with pliers, or you will be injured.

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