Sports Fishing in Niigata City and Japan

SUZUKI ; Japanese Seabass, Lateolabrax Japonicus

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A Japanese seabass and I.
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Japanese Seabass is a beautiful fish.
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I have got a good sized Japanese Seabass.
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This is also good Japanese Seabass.
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A Japanese Seabass and I in a tackle shop.
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SUZUKI (Japanese Seabass) is a luck-bringer fish in Japan.

SUZUKI (Japanese Seabass) inhabit near the seashores and in estuaries. Many of Japanese cities have developed near these places since ancient times. They have been one of the most popular targets in Japan from old days. For their name changes as growing, Japanese have associated it with advancement in life and have believed that SUZUKI (Japanese Seabass) is a luck-bringer fish. I show the change of the name of SUZUKI (Japanese Seabass) below in Japan.

Names of SUZUKI (Japanese Seabass) in Japan.
length of SUZUKI (Japanese Seabass)names of SUZUKI (Japanese Seabass)
under 30cm "Hanego"
from 30 to 50cm"Seigo"
from 50 to 70cm"Hukko"
from 70 to 90cm"Suzuki"
over 90cm"Nyudo"

My SUZUKI fishing

I fish SUZUKI (Japanese Seabass) between spring and autumn on breakwaters of Niigata West Port. I go there by bike. It's like a part of my yard. I usually use plugs ( about 9cm of length ) and a light action rod ( 9 feet of length ). Fishing line is 12Ib nylon.

Sometimes I fish with live baits ; shrimps in the daytime, and worms in the night. Soft rods, sensitive thin floats and light sinkers ( about 6 gr. ) are used. Fishing with such light tackles is a favarite style of Japanese anglers.

The West Port is on the estuary of the Shinano. The long breakwater of there is the hot spot. But I seldom hit SUZUKI (Japanese Seabass). Because the rivermouth is very wide, I can cast a lure only thirty meters, and SUZUKI (Japanese Seabass) always go around here and there.

After dinner in summer I sometimes go there on bike and cast a lure alone. Then I am listening to the sounds of the sunset. In such times I feel the greatness of nature and become very happy, even though I can get no fish.

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