Sports Fishing in Niigata City and Japan


Probably you will be surprised to see this page. There is almost no regulation in salt water fishing in Japan. There are a few regulations in fresh water fishing. Regulations are different in Prefectures. But difference is small. I show you regulations in Niigata Prefectures for example.

Trout fishing

Japanese native trouts are Iwana ( Japanese char ) and Yamame trout. These are favorite game fishes in Japan.

Salmon fishing

Salmon fishing is prohibited. Some anglers enjoy salmon fishing secretly.

Bass fishing

Large mouth and small mouth are considered to be harmful fishes in Japan. Because these eat native Japanese fishes and other living things. These are considered to be destroyers of Japanese ecological environment.

Coarse fishing

There is no regulation of coarse fishing.

When you fish in Japan,.....

I can not find any available website about regulations written in English. When you want to know more about them , contact me.

Sport Fishing in Japan