Sports Fishing in Niigata City and Japan

Fishing License, Ticket

No fishing license

There is no fishing license in Japan. You can enjoy fishing in salt water for free.

Fishing tickets

When you will go fishing in fresh water, you need to buy fishing tickets from fishery co-operatives of each area. You can buy the tickets at agents (fishing tackle shops and some convenience stores). The prices are different in each area, river by river. It is impossible to show you all of prices of tickets in Japan. Because there are thousand rivers and fishery co-operatives in Japan.

I show you prices in Niigata Prefecture for example.

There is no available website written in English showing all prices of fishing tickets in Japan. When you want to know about it, contact me.

Licences and tickets are different.

You may think that licenses and tickets are not different. But these are different. "License" means public permission. Fees will go to public organs. Fees will be used for us.Fishery co-operatives are not public organs. These are private. Fees will be private incomes. Fees will not be used for us. Fees will be used for them. So licenses and tickets are different.

Sport Fishing in Japan