Sports Fishing in Niigata City and Japan

Seabass on the Agano River

the Agano River

We have two big rivers in Niigata City, one is the Shinano, the other is the Agano. Two big Rivers are our pride. I know that German people pride their great rivers and say "the Vater Rhein and the Mutter Donau". We always say taht "the vater Agano and the Mutter Shinano".

Manganji on the Agano

Manganji on the Agano

See the right map I wrote. The Shinano and the Agano run together in may City. There is a place named Manganji from the river mouth of the Agano. This is a good place to fish Japansese seabass in spring.

Two stepped dams


There are two stepped dams at Manganji. See the right maps I wrote. The hot spots of fishing are under the second dam. I show those as red spots. You can get Japansese seabass and masu salmon in this area.

the season of seabass fishing

Seabass live in the sea. These go into the Agano River in June and September to eat some of Japanese Smelt named "Ayu". So the fishing season in Manganji is June and Septmber.


Fishing methods are lure fishing. We always cast minnow plugs in the morning or evening. The color and the size should be matched to the "Ayu". "Ayu" is small as 7cm in length in June, and 11cm in September.

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The fishing spots at Manganji on the Agano River
My seabass
My Seabass
My Seabass
My Seabass

The left picture shows the spot. This is a good place. I often go there to enjoy not fishing but a siesta, as this is near my workplace.

The center picture shows my game of seabass, the length of which is 54cm. I fished it in June 1st 2001. The right picture shows the other, the size is 63cm in length. These were nice fishes and I enjoyed well.