Sports Fishing in Niigata City and Japan

Niigata West Port

I show you fishing spots in Niigata West Port. You can fish Japansese seabass in spring, summer and autumn. and also yellowtail in spring and autumn here. If you do not see the page about fishes yet, visit about fishes. If you do not know where Niigata is, click here.

Niigata City are on the river mouth of the Shinano river, which is the longest river in Japan. The river mouth has been used as Niigata West Port since old days.

( I show some Japanese names of places. When you come to Niigata and ask some person where the spot is, probably he can not speak English. If you know the Japanese names of places, he may understand your intention.)

Central Niigata

Look at the picture. It is a map of central Niigata, which I drew.
Niigata City faces to the Japan Sea. The Shinano runs through it from south west to north east. There are the Sekiya channel in the west of central Niigata. You see the place cutted by the Shinano, the Japan Sea and the Sekiya channel. It is called the Niigata island, where I live in.
The river mouth is the West Port. A long breakwater are on the west of it. We call it the West Breakwater (Nishitottei).

the Central Niigata

the map of central Niigata and the Shinano River

the West Breakwater ( Nishitottei )

This is the enlarged map of the breakwater. It is about 1.8 Km in length. I always go there on bike. The red lighthouse ( Akatodai ) is on the tip. A small breakwater called the new Breakwater ( Shintottei ) and a long one called the new and new Breakwater ( Shinshintottei ) are over the tip. I never go there, for it takes some money to go there. You will see the Root Portion ( Jikata ), the High Place ( Takadai ) and Big curve ( Oomagari ).

the West Breakwater ( Nishitottei )

the map of the west breakwater of Niigata West Port

the High Place (Takadai)

Please see the map. A enlarged map shows some hot spots. We call the root of the breakwater Jikata. The Brekwater is curving to the left. It is called Big curve ( Oomagari ). Between the Root Portion and Big Curve, the Breakwater is high as 5.5 meters. So we call there the High Place ( Takadai ). There are some hot spots, but there are very high and water depth is small. So lure fishing is not popular in the High Place.

the High Place ( Takadai )

the high place of the west breakwater

Spot 1 is a good position for seabass fishing. We fish there with live shrimps in day time, and live worms in the night. You shuld use floats. The length between a hook and a float is 1.5 or 2 meters.

Spot 2 is the next spot. I think that spot 2 is better than spot 1 in day time, but spot 1 is better than spot 2 in night fishing. But I do not know the reason.

Spot 3 is the spot for night fishing. This place is not high and not dangerous in the nihgt.

Go to the tips and you will go down the small slope at Big curve. And you will go out of this map. A nice spot is just there. there is not so high place, you will fish toward the Shinano easily.This place is called the river side of Big Curve ( Oomagarikawagawa ).

the Tip Portion ( Sentan )

The Tip Portion ( Sentan ) is also hot. On the way to Sentan, it is not good. The Red Lighthouse ( Akatodai ) is there. 1, 2, 3, 4, are the best spots in the West Port. Here we cast lures on concrete blocks. Be careful not to slip down and drop to the water.

Almost rankers have been catched here. It is not high place, then lure casting and retrieve are easier here.

the Tip Portion ( Sentan )

the tip portion of the west breakwater