Sports Fishing in Niigata City and Japan

Seabass and Squids in September

I show you my fishing in September 2001 in Niigata.

Click pictures.
A picture of a beautiful seabass I fished.
photo 1
A seabass I got.
photo 2
Two squids. Those are good taste.
photo 3
Those are also squids. those are white, but are brown or green when those are in the sea.
photo 4
A squid and a Egi. A Egi is a Japanese traditional lure.
photo 5
A squid and a Egi.
photo 6

A seabass : 68cm in length on September 2nd. (Photo 1)

We enjoy young yellowtail fishing in autumn in Niigata every year. First I got five young yellowtails in that morning. The length of those were almost 30cm.

Then I tried to fish seabass, and I luckily caught a good one. That was 68cm in length and 2.3Kg in weight (photo 1). It was not a ranker, but fought well. Fishes in autumn are stronger than those in other seasons. Probably fishes in autumn store up energy for the winter.

A seabass : 58cm in length on September 21th. (Photo 2)

After that, I tried to fish seabass, but I could not get any seabasses.

In the morning of September 21th, I fished a seabass; the length was 58cm and the weight was 1.7Kg. I was very surprised when it hitted, for I had never got a hit of seabass for along time.

Squid Fishing: (Photo 3,4,5,6)

Japanese like squid dishes. And we enjoy squid fishing, too.

Squids eat small fishes and lobsters. So we fish them with lures imitating lobsters. Look at those pictures above. You will see lures for squid fishing. Those are like lobsters. The length of the lures are 10cm, and the weight of squids are almost a half pound. Those taste very good.

I hope western people enjoy squid fishing and dishes.

Fishing reports in 2001