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Seabass Fishing in September (1)

Seabass Fishing in September

Seabass fishing was not so good in August and also in Septmber. But I have got a big one of 95 cm in length. And in the end of that month I have fished five seabasses in a day. I show you here about the ranker and one more. I will tell you about five seabasses next time.

Seabass Fishing on September 16

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Seabass on September 16
A picture of seabass I fished.
A picture of seabass I fished.
A picture of seabass I fished.

I secretly heard the information that anglers in Niigata West Port fished some seabasses on the previous day. It may be the first chance in Septemger.

It was cloudy morning. I woke up early in that morning and went to Niigata West Port. Many anglers were already there, but they did not cast lures yet. Probably they have not heard that information about the privious day. I never told them about it.

I quickly cast a yellow minnor plug, that length was 12.5 cm. Soon I felt a big strike of a fish for the hand. The fight of it was so strong that it was difficult to land it, but I got it at last. It was the biggest seabass I fished in 2002; the length of it was 95 cm and the weight 6.2 Kg. In Pic.3 I hold it.

Anglers around me began to cast lures, but it was already late. It is also applied that information determines victory or defeat.

Seabass Fishing on September 26

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Seabass on September 26
A picture of seabass I fished.

The second chance never came. Though I went fishing often, I got no seabass. Then I decided to find new spots.

In that morning, I went under the Honsen Ohashi Bridge, that is across the Shinano and is far from the river mouth. Grass was wet in the morning dew. I found some fishes boiling. I cast a lure and fished a small seabass of 45 cm in length ( Poc.4 ). Though it was small, I was glad. As I fished it after a long time.

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