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Masu Salmon Fishing

Masu salmon fishing

Masu Salmon is one of small salmon and is called sakuramasu in Japan. Sakura means cherry, which is the most favorite blossom in Japan and cherry trees blossom in Spring. Masu salmon come back to home rivers in Spring. So Masu Salmon is called sakuramasu.

The number of Masu Salmon is very small. It is difficult to fish.

I show you my games in this years. Masu Salmon fishing in 2001 is not good. I got only six games. Those were relatively smaller than usual years. But I would be happy if I could fish no Masu. Because Spring has come and snowy season has gone away.

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Masu Salmon Fishinf
Masu salmon
Masu salmon and me
The last Masu Salmon in 2001

Pictures of Masu Salmons in 2001


The first Masu Salmon in this Spring. On April 5th. I got it on the first fishing in this season. Some friends began fishing on February. There was much snow on the river banks. But they could not catch any games. So I was lucky.


The second Masu Salmon. On April 24th . I fished it with spoon.


The third Masu Salmon. On May 10th. Wild rose blossoms are in this pictures.


The forth Masu Salmon. On June 1st. I am smiling in this pictures.


The fifth Masu Salmon. On June 3rd. This was smaller.


The sixth Masu Salmon. On June twelveth. This is the last game in 2001. I fished it with a minnor lure. I like features of Masu Salmon.

Masu Salmon Fishing is over when Summer comes. Because Japanese Summer is hot and temperature of river water becomes too high. Masu Salmon will not bait at lures. I will enjoy Masu Salmon Fishing in next year and I hope to show some pictures of my games again.

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