Sports Fishing in Niigata City and Japan

Spanish Mackerel in Niigata East Port ( Apr.1st 2001 )

Fishing conditions has been best since last week. This is a prompt report. I am sorry pictures are not yet here. I will put them as soon as possible.

I already described about Spanish Mackerel fishing at the north brekwater of East Port. If you have not seen them, click these. You will see how to go and how to fish.

I went there two weeks ago as previously reported. I got only two. But this Sunday I fished ten for about one hour !

It was snowy. I arrived at the north breakwater at 5:15 a.m. It began to be getting light slightly. Some anglers already caught fishes ! I prepared for fishing soon. I used a medium action rod. The length of it was three meters. I used metal jigs. The weight of them was 28 gr. The color is pink. Spanish Mackerels were swimming near the surface. Do not sink your lures deeply. Retrive lures and Spanish Mackerels will bite at your lures.

The size of fishes is about 50 cm in length. I got the tenth fish at 6:30 a.m. I finshed fishing and came home.

The mouths of Spanish Mackerels are large and their gills are near their mouths. So hooks of lures will often injury their gills. Many of released fishes will die. I think you should not fish any more than you need.

We could enjoy Spanish Mackerel fishing during April in last year. We will enjoy in this month probably.

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