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Seabass in Niigata East Port i March 25th 2001 j

Niigata East Port

I already described about Seabass fishing at the west breakwater of Niigata East Port. There is one of popular seabass spots in Niigata city. Click, and you will see how to go there and how to fish.

I went there last Sunday. I will report it.

the Spot

a map of the west breakwater of Niigata East Port

The spot in March and April is Sentan of the west breakwater. ( Sentan means the tip of the breakwater. ) Look at pictures below. Photo.1 shows Sentan of the Bay side. Some anglers are casting jigs. Photo.2 shows the other side of Sentan. It is dangerous to fish. So do not go there.

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My friends were enjoying fishing.
There is a good spot but dangerous.


It was a fine day. I got up at 3:00 a.m. and arrived there at 4:00 a.m. Some friends were already at Sentan, and were waiting sunrise. Just before sunrise, some seabasses were boiling in front of us. But no one could fish them. I do not know why.

I casted a minnow plug. Some anglers used jigs. At last I got one seabass ( Photo.3 below ) and my friends got from zero to two. The size of them were not good. The length was about 45 cm. The best time of seabass fishing is early in the morning. We finished fishing at 10:00 a.m.,and went home.

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This is my seabass, not large...

Oter places of the west breakwater

Look at pictures below. Photo.4 shows Kyuto. ( It means the trace of old lighthouse. ) This is one of spots of seabass fishing. In that day a big seabass ( the length is 87 cm ) was fished there !

Photo.5 is a view form the root for the tip. I can not see the tip. The length of the breakwater is about 4 Km !

I wish to get a big one next.

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This is a famous spot, the name of it is Kyuto.
As this breakwater is so large, you can not see the tip of it from the root.
Fishing reports in 2001