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Seabass on Niigata East Port in Fall

Niigata East Port

Niigata East Port is a artificial bay, the form of which is like a sock and the depth is about 3Km. It is well known that seabass groups are coming into the bay in autumn. In 2002 seabass fishing in the bay was very good and I showed some of my catches in chapter 9 to 14 of "Fishing reports in 2002". So I had tried again in fall of 2003.

My Catches

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A seabass I fished.
A seabass I fished.
A seabass I fished.
A seabass I fished.
A seabass I fished.
A seabass I fished.
A seabass I fished.
A seabass I fished.
  A seabass I fished.

Though I had went to East Port several times in September and October, I could fished no seabass untill November. The first catch was in November 4. It was a nice seabass of 75cm 3.2Kg ( Pic.1 ). I thought that opening had been just overdue.

Next morning I caught the second one; its size was 58cm 1.7Kg ( Pic.2 ).

Next seabass was fished on the morning of November 7. it was pretty good, the size of which was 67cm 2.7Kg ( Pic.3 ).

I got two on the morning of November 9. Those length were 58cm and 59cm ( Pic.4 and 5 ). I believed that it would become the best time of game, but would not. After then, I could no seabass for about two weeks.

After a long time I fished two seabasses; one was 56cm and the other was only 39cm in length ( Pic.6 and 7 ). Those were not good size. I had never fished such seabasses in autum of 2002. Why was fishing not good ?

I got a seabass of 41cm in length on the morning of November 27 ( Pic.8 ).

The last one was in Pic.9, which I fished on the stormy morning of December 7. It was a good one, 73cm and 2.9Kg.


Seabass fishing in 2003 autumn was not good. First I thought the opening had only delayed. But finally I found that the number of seabass in 2003 autumn was smaller than in 2002 autumn. I don't kwow the reason. But I know that it was not the end, as I have a chance next year.

Fishing reports in 2003