Sports Fishing in Niigata City and Japan

Fishing reports in 2003


I show you some of my fishing reports in 2003 to help those who want to enjoy fishing in Niigata, as there are few available informations about fishing in Japan written in English. I hope that you will enjoy fishing and your stay in Niigata.

We Japanese are fish eater people. We seldom release games. Do not feel bad seeing pictures of catches.

  1. Seabass Fishing in Winter
  2. Rockfish Fishing in Spring
  3. Rockfish Fishing in Spring ( 2 )
  4. Spanish Mackerel Fishing in March
  5. Seabass Fishing on the Agano River ( May and June )
  6. Seabass Fishing on Niigata West Port in June
  7. Seabass Fishing on Niigata West Port in July New !
  8. Seabass Fishing on the river mouth in summer New !
  9. Seabass Fishing on the East breawater of Niigata West Port New !
  10. Inada Fishing on Niigata West Port in fall New !
  11. Seabass Fishing on Niigata East Port in fall New !