Sports Fishing in Niigata City and Japan

Seabass fishing on Niigata West Port in June

The West Breakwater of Niigata West Port




Niigata West Port is on the mouth of the Shinano, which is the longest river in Japan and runs through central Niigata. Pic.1 shows Niigata City and the Shinamo.

The Shinano river runs from the south to the north, and the coarst is lying west and east there. The breakwater starts at the west of the river mouth and extends northward to the sea. The length of it is about 1.8Km. Pic.2 shows the scenery of the breakwater. The red building is a lighthouse on the end of it.

There are two different waters there. One is sea water on the west or sea side of the breakwater, the other is river water mingled with sea water on the east or river side. The sea water is clear, the mingled water is somewhat muddy. The water temperature is also different. Although usually fishing is good on the river side, but not always so. When you go fishing there, you had better observe and think which side is good for fishing.

You will know more about it and seabass fishing there in here.

Seabass Fishing

Seabass fishing there is good in summer. I usually go fishing in the morning, some anglers go in the evening. Fishing is easy. Choose a lure of vibration type, cast and retrieve it. If groups of seabass are there, you will catch. If not, you will not. That's all.

My games on the river side

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I got a nice seabass of 63cm in length on June 15 ( Pic.3 ). This is the first catch in this season there.

I am holding a good one in Pic.4. I fished it on June 16. The size of it was 90cm in length and 5.6Kg in weight. We can seldom catch such a big one.

The third one is in Pi.5. I fishied it on June 18. Its length was 55cm.

The fourth was caught on June 21, the size was 60cm and 1.9Kg.

Though I got seabass much more last year, fishing there in June was not good this year. I do not know the reason. But I noticed that there were a lot of groups of small sardines in the sea side. Probably most seabass had been in the sea side, not in the river side.

Fishing reports in 2003