Sports Fishing in Niigata City and Japan

Seabass on the East Breakwater of West Port

the East Breakwater of Niigata West Port

Niigata West Port has two main breakwaters. One is the West breakwater, which is on the west side of the river mouth of the Shinano. The other is the East Breakwater, which is on the east side of it. I usually go to the former, as it is nearer.

Recently an underriver tunnel has been made. Everyone in Niigata City says that it was a big waste of taxpayers' money. But at least I have been receiving the benefit of that, for I can go to the East Breakwater easily now. The tax I paid was not waste of money for me.

The Map of Niigata West Port
a map of Niigata Weas Port

Look at the map above, and you will know the outline of West Port.

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the East Brekwater

Pic.1 shows the East Breakwater. The length of it is about three hundred meters.

You may notice that some caissons are inclining. In World War a lot of B-29 bombers of U.A. Air Force had come to Niigata West Port and dropped many mines to block seaborne traffic. After the war, it became peaceful. Almost mines were removed. But some of these had remained. One day about thirty years ago, a dredger ship was working in the river mouth. And suddenly explosion of a mine occurred. Many persons were dead and the caissons has been inclining.

My catches

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I went to the East Breakwater on the morning of September 10. I fished a seabass of 74cm and 3.3Kg in size ( Pic.2 ). It was a nice one.

Next morning I got a good one again. Its length was 70cm and weight was 2.7Kg ( Pic.3 ).

Thought I could luckily catch such nice sebasses continuously, after that I could not. But I konw that is fishing.

Fishing reports in 2003