Sports Fishing in Niigata City and Japan

Seabass fishing on the Agano river

Seabass goes up a river.

Seabass is a salt water fish but can also live in fresh water. It goes up rivers in spring and summer in Niigata.

When it rains, the water temperature of rivers will become low and the flow will get muddy and strong. When there is no rain, the level of water will become low, the water temperature will rise and the oxygen concentration will fall. So I think that conditions in rivers are worse and severer than in the sea. Why does it enter rivers?

In spring and early summer, a lot of fry of Ayu go up rivers in Niigata. Those are good bait of seabass. So seabass dares come into rivers.

My favorite spot

My favorite spot of seabass fishing in rivers is Manganji on the Agano, surprisingly which is 20 km or more away from the river mouth of the Agano. There are two stepped small dams, which temporarily stop Ayu and seabass from going up. So Manganji is a good spot. I told about it in another page. Click it. (Seabass on the Agano River)

Fishing season

Fry of Ayu go up rivers from April to July. But in April and the first half of May the water of the Agano is so cold with much melted snow. It is rainy season and the flow of the Agano get strong and muddy in July. So the second half of may and June is best for seabass fishing.


Choose minnow type lures, the length of which are 7 or 9cm, for it is the size of the fry. Cast a lure to the place where the flow is weak, as the fry from the sea may be resting and seabass may aims at those there.

My games in the early summer

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A seabass
A seabass
A seabass
A seabass
A seabass
A seabass
A seabass
A seabass
A seabass
A seabass
A seabass
A seabass

Though seabass is nocturnal, I usually go fishing in the morning. For fishing in darkness is not interesting. So the games here were fished in the morning, except fishes in Pic.3 and 12. I fished one in the daytime and the other in the evening.

I caught the first seabass on May 31. The size was 68cm and 2.8Kg ( Pic.1 ). In that day I got another one; 58cm 1.8Kg ( Pic.2 ).

The third seabass was fished on June 4, the length of which was 60cm ( Pic.3 ).

I caught two seabasses on June 7, one was small, the other is big. The length of the smaller was 36cm ( Pic.4 ), the bigger 75cm 3.6Kg ( Pic.5 ).

On the next day I got three seabasses, it was a hat trick. The size of the first one was 54cm 1.4Kg (Pic.6 ). The second one was small and the length was only 37cm (Pic.7 ). The last one was good size; 66cm 3.1Kg ( Pic.8 ).

On June 9, I caught a seabss of 63cm 2.1Kg ( Pic.9 ).

On June 11, I caught a seabss of 66cm2.5Kg ( Pic.10 ).

On June 12, I caught two seabsses. The first one was a ranker; the length of it was 84cm and the weight was 4.4Kg ( Pic.11 ). I was very much satisfied. The other was 64cm in length ( Pic.12 ).

That's all. I finally got twelve seabasses. I think it was a nice thing, as conditions of the river are always changing and it is difficult to fish seabass in the river.

Fishing reports in 2003