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Spanish Mackerel Fishing in March

Spanish Mackerel

Spanish Mackerel is called Sawara in Japan. I already described about it in this site. Some of these are below. You will know about Sawara in "1", and about a good fishing spot in "2". "3" is my past fishing report.

  1. Spanish Mackerel
  2. Spanish Mackerel Fishing in Niigata East Port
  3. Spanish Mackerel Fishing in Niigata East Port ( Mar.18th 2001 )

Spanish Mackerel Fishing on March 29

I went to the North Breakwater of Niigata East Port on the morning of March 29. It was the best time for Sawara fishing, and there were a lot of anglers on the breakwater.

Spanish Mackerel fishing is easy. Cast a metal jig, count down and retrieve it fast. Then the fish will pursues the lure and bite it.

I caught the first one soon ( Pic.1 ), and then the second ( Pic.2 ). After that I got a lot of Spanish mackerels for only one hour ( Pic.3 ). Every angler there also fished many.

Spanish mackerel fishing is good when a wind blows from north or west, and is not good when a wind from east or south. I do not know why.

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Spanish Mackerel
Spanish Mackerel
Spanish Mackerels

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